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The draft 2016-2020 Water Plan is our pricing submission for the Essential Services Commission (ESC).

The plan details our proposed service standards, future Infrastructure investment and costs of doing business. Most importantly, it details pricing for our core services of water storage and delivery.

To help us shape our draft 2016 – 2020 Water Plan, your feedback is important to us.

Interested? Here’s how you can get involved.

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    Our Customer Service Standards

    We’re providing customer service standards that we think give you what you need, when you need it and for an acceptable price. The Water Plan and Water Plan summary available at GMW Offices or online outline the new service standards and the ones we are refining.

    Our Operating Efficiencies

    We’re continuing to make operating efficiencies in our ongoing costs to run our water delivery system, maintain our assets and manage and administer our business. We’re decreasing the operating costs while still providing what we think is the right customer service. You can see the changes we’ve made to reduce our costs, in the Water Plan, and in our Summary of the plan.

    Investing in the future

    We’re investing in the future with an investment of $126.4 million to upgrade and improve our water delivery system, while maintaining stable prices for customers, meeting our service level commitments and reducing the risk of infrastructure failures through renewal and maintenance.

    Predictable pricing

    We’re providing predictable pricing so customers can plan ahead, and we’ve reformed out pricing structure and reduce our operating costs for a financially sustainable future.

    The Water Plan outlines our proposed changes for gravity customers, explains the next stage of our pricing transition for diversion customers, and highlights the start of consultation with drainage customers. There are several areas of change proposed for tariff and pricing in this plan.

    1. Changing our pricing structure for gravity customers

      We are proposing to apply a uniform infrastructure access fee and infrastructure use fee across the GMID. These changes will provide a simple structure and support sustainable and productive agriculture across the GMID.

    2. Transitioning our pricing for diversion customers

      In this plan we will transition to a new pricing structure for diversion customers in the first two years. As a result, most of our small diversion customers will see increases in their accounts and most of our medium and large diversion customers will see decreases. This change ensures costs are shared proportionally and fairly, and reflects the true cost of providing diversion services.

    3. Any other feedback is welcome

      There are a number of other things we are doing as part of this plan such as consulting with our customers on a review of our drainage and water district pricing plan.

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